Ashley’s Other Father

“Mom, I need a new screen protector because when I was swinging yesterday, the toddler swinging next to me…” that’s where the voices in my head were laughing too loud to hear the rest 😉  

also heard in this conversation were words like “when Kevin dunked Shirley” and something along the lines of “Karisma driving  a tricycle with Tanya on it, under a waterfall”

She attended “the family picnic” yesterday with the Leung’s for Kevin’s work.

They continued the tradition of “other daughter/other father” and if you haven’t been following along, it’s very funny:

Apparently, Kevin told one of his coworker’s that she is his “other daughter” but the man asked if he adopted Ashley 😉 so “Yes” (ahem, w/ a straight face!)

I could confiscate a Leung “other daughter”… let’s see… Monina is done w/ college 😉 AND… SHE CAN DRIVE!!!, Tanya could easily transplant into Courtney’s or Ashley’s room AND … SHE CAN DRIVE!!! and Karisma ALWAYS hugs me…. tough choice ;-P

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