View Walking 07/25/16

[pics incl]  Courtney was supervising my walk today 😉 (ok, she was Poke-hunting… oh, alright, I was too)  I was telling her about the buffalo (bison) so we drove over there… and walked REALLY slow (my head’s been bothering).  No bison were out but it was a pretty view.

and I don’t know what this is but I should get Poke-points for finding it!

William got home and had to hunt us down 😉 but right then Courtney got the “thang” everyone was Poke-hunting last night [ ]… Yes, I txt’d Jim.

I’ve decided to abandon the “taking it easy on my head” cuz it’s not doing a bit of good, so I’m gonna go back to just trying to work toward steps.  I still needed a few more tonight so I dragged Jeff out to supervise.  Awesome sunset.

I have several folks on my blog that are homebound, so I often think of ya’ll when I snap pix.  I know they aren’t fancy, just a glimpse of something else ;-P

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