Jury Summons

Well, I received a jury summons… … … … <—that’s a whole conversation right there 😉

I’ve received them before but I’ve never had the pleasure of sitting a jury.  This time I couldn’t figure that it’s a good idea?!

I called my doctor for a note and the girl on the phone “sure just write something up explaining yourself and the doctor will sign it.”  under normal circumstances I could whip that write up (and hence my dilemma) … … …

Jeff was out of town… blah blah.  I gave up.  Everyone suggested “the vacation postponement”  which is all fine intill I have to do “THIS … … …” again!

Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to do jury duty! just once! but I don’t think it’d be fair to anyone … or myself … to try.

But I digress.  by this point, I’ve given up on figuring it out and I’m just gonna see if I get called the night before AND if so… show them pretty pictures of my brain and try to explain … … …

[NOTE UPDATE 09/19/16: Had a neuro appointment today and it came up in conversation that I got a jury summons and doc might have actually used the phrase “Yah, I don’t think so.” ;-P and wrote me a “get out of jail free card”]

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