Visual Field Test 09/15/16

[pics incl]  I had some vision tests today, prompted by my last neurology appointment (08/17/16).  This week has been one where my arm has been doing that “weird let’s turn white & be cold” & my brain and eyes do whatever they please.  Soooo, it was actually, a good day to do these tests, even though I had made this appointment weeks ago when I was NOT having these random severe symptom.  Usually, it’s the opposite, you know… you call the doctor, you get there and of course no longer running a fever 😉

Today, was a “good” bad brain day.

Here are pics of some of the tests, doc promised to email me the cool optic nerve ones 😉 Hey Doc…. don’t forget 😉 He said my optic nerves look good.

After that… he lost me and I failed that test 🙁 Which is actually a data point I didn’t have before.  I’m not sure what it all means but the next step is “off to see the wizard.” 😛  He’s sending me to a retina specialist… stay tuned, I will keep you posted. 

Visual Field Test: Right & Left eye SHOULDER look the same! (w/ the black dots on opposites sides of course )

But THIS is why I’ve mostly been “quiet” lately, it hurts my eyese & brain to type… sorry! but thatnks for all the calls & emails, love ’em & appreciate you. Please keep ’em coming!

NOTE: sigh, scrolling through blog, I see no mention of the neuro appt on 08/17/16, soooo… I had one 😉  I know this because I have a prescription written for all this visual stuff.  It’s like a real live prescription not just a “note.”  I found the “notes” too.  she also changed my mess again that day.  So I’ll spend some time updating 8/17/16! later

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