Shelbi and Sadie Visit 09/16/16

[pics incl]  I haven’t ventured to drive down to CoSprings since my head started bothering me again (and a correlation to head pain is sometimes vision stuff…).  Did I mention that William actually did the driving last time to Springs?!?  Oh? I digress, definitely a STORY for another time!

Sadie and I discussed it and they decided to come visit me 🙂 HA!

Ashley has actually never re-met Shelbi since they moved to CO so this was a nice trip for them to chat a bit.

Shelbi is allergic to cats so scrubbed everything down walls & windows & furniture and hepa vacuum and cover the floor with clean sheets so she doesn’t track home any cat hair on her stuff.  Doesn’t make for pretty pictures but it works!

Sadie made it abundantly clear whom she prefers… besides mama… that’d be William?!?!

I do believe Sadie completely understood our plan to become rich when she grows up and discovers an instant cure for these hiccups and her requirement to buy mama a new house… & me a fancy house because it was my idea 🙂

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