Vascular Neurology 11/29/16

Ugh, I didn’t get the printout of what he said but basically he suspects it’s what Courtney has been saying… me & my arm is not having an anxiety attavk 😉 (hance switchin neiro docs) and its Raynars? or something? she googled it a while back 😉

And “like a good arm” it started acting up in the doctor’s office cuz appartently I’m a walking barameter now and there is some sort of storm nearby rolling in over me!.

Apparently it is a “not uncommon” thing in  head clots to have this thing with the hand/arm getting cold & white and a simple drug that guess what… also trates migranes (which is basically what i am now, on big walking migraine & weathe definitely affects me like migraine)

and on migraine front… he wants to add imitrix (migraine med) to tackle any severe pain & see IF THAT will work…. as needed

he “possibly” wants a different set of MRV of chest/neck (and yes we told him about the vision doc request)…. but he wants all the records … first.  which of course DID NOT, get sent like i requested…. grrr.

Lots of discussion about Xarelto and whether or not I need to continue to take it, which I’m sure the hematologist will be thrilled to know that SOEMONE, anyone will be willing to have a discussion with him recarding xarelto!

At this point, it’s a collect all the records, review all the records, meanwhile I will try this drug for my arm/head.  Imitrix of needed for any severe headpain/migraine type pain… and go from there.  Next appt 12/21/16.

THIS… is why I switched neuro docs:  in the hour I spent with the “new neuro”  she referred me to thies vascular guy who in just a few minutes came up with a diagnosis & treatment (well so did Courtney 😉 …. the diagnosis that is).  I’m not saying he’s right & it’s working but……. the words vascular neuro NEVER came out of other neuro’s mouth (at least not that I can read back through my blog and find…) and neither did Raynar’s! or the drug he prescribed!

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