Teaching Sadie to Work 12/02/16

[pics incl]  Courtney is working from home today from Sadie’s house 🙂 I went to go help out Andrew this time because Shelbi started a new job a few weeks ago.

She took one look at me, threw out her arms and HAHA… ! only cuz William isn’t here.  Courtney vowed to change this.  Courtney fed her & got her to sleep.

Sadie woke from her nap later and hadn’t seen us, so I covered the side with a blanket and she played and cooed for a long while.

Then she asked Courtney to teach her how to work from home.  First, you need a laptop.

Sadie needs a closer look at what they are learning.

What’s so interesting Sadie? maybe I should come see…

Uh-huh… I see, the ‘ol magazine in the book gag … ;-P

Sadie’s really teaching Courtney “how NOT to work” … 

“Thanks for the book grandma!”

… of course, these photos are not shown in the order taken ;-P You know me, I took about 50 over an hour and then Courtney & Sadie graciously staged the two w/ the book/laptop to round out the funny pix story!


more Sadie http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2016/11/13/sadie-visits-111316/

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