Remembering Dalton 12/29/16

It’s been three years since Dalton died.  I miss him & his goofy voices.  He was only in the car about 30 min a day or so, but he FINALLY got my humor ;-P  Now I have a whole new group of teenage boys to train up…

There are some days, for moment that I forget my own girls aren’t in high school anymore but college, and the same days… for a moment, I forget about Dalton’s death.  Then, I remember, and I remember John and Roni.  They are so strong for EVERYONE ELSE
Remembering Dalton is a privilege!  John & Roni are fabulous parents and Dalton was focused on what he wanted and told them he was content.  Other parents often asked them what their secret was with him… me too 😉

Missing you little buddy….

link to Roni’s & John’s book:

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