Visual Field Eye Exam Test 12/28/16

[pics incl]  Well, left eye failed again.. sigh. this test is fairly consistent w/ previous tests [ ]  He dialated my eyes again (can’t see at moment, will have to add images later)  

the numbing (sp?) drops didn’t kick in and I looked up and said “oh hang on… I… may… have… to… killl… you.”  He about died laughing and thanked me “for the heads up first”, then left for lunch… i had a 7:40am appt ;-P  just kidding!  but good thing i brought Jeff & not ashley (she can’t drive)!

He still thinks the nerve looks ok from the front, wants an MRI of the optic socket
oh, btw… MRI… this Sat, will keep ya posted

referral to optic neurology … to work w/ vascular neurology.  will keep ya posted

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