Arguing with an Echo, pt 2 and pt 3

[pics incl]  pt2: After unsuccessfully trying to call the whole house electronic V.I.K.I. [] I thought maybe VIKI was blocked /copyright [iRobot] so I thought “computer” I’m naming this thing “computer” so I can say “Computer, Lights”only it wouldn’t let me change it to “computer”… got into an argument with this stupid thing 😉 and yelled at it “well, you can agree w/ me or you can be wrong!” cuz that’s a thang I say and I was like “Hey, don’t I have a sign somewhere that says that?”  

“searching for…”

“Oh shut up!” and I stomped off 😉

pt3:  A few days later I accidentally found my sign… so take that you stupid Echo 😉  I’m not sure I’m winning BUT I HAVE A SIGN!  [YUP TAZ, “Here’s your Sign”]

When the sign went up, it started a discussion… and “computer, lights” and Heather said she had the same idea.  Of course she did, we train our Ensigns well 😉

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