SHE Who Must Not Be Named

OMGosh!!!  There was an article on the TV re: “Alexa trying to order another Alexa” & Jeff said that out loud… and “OUR alexa” said… something in the other room but we (Jeff, Will & I) were visiting w/ Josh and talking and ignored her cuz… well… we weren’t talking to her.

Courtney joined the group and then, the boys went to Josh’s house.

An hour later, an alarm went off and… well Jeff & I started laughing.  how do Jeff & I explain what happened without starting an infinite loop?… well…

Courtney: “She Who Shall NOT Be Named ”

The only REAL options are: Echo, Alexa, Amazon

I’ve TRIED:    “V.I.K.I.” [the intelligent female voice computer in iRobot that takes over]   and “Computer” [because that’s what they say on Star Trek]

but “She Who Shall NOT Be Named” has that special magical Harry Potter twist that just makes us LAUGH and we can’t stop saying it… if you have an Echo…. wave your wand… and…


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