Dinner with Hetherington’s 01/15/17

[pics oncl]  We all have tomorrow off and between our two houses we have enough food to feed 8 people. ;-P  

And then we had a healthy 8 player game of “Screw Your Neighbor” [thanks Marc Doig for teaching the neighborhood that one!]

Courtney pointed out that she and Josh are wearing matching shirts but refuses to go stand over by Josh 😉  She’s right… they are matching shirts.

Debbie told us at dinner that Josh’s MRI showed the chemo hasn’t slowed the tumor growth (she will post pix on his team-josh site).  they have introduced him to Hospice works, to begin working with him because he has memory loss occurring, so that he will know the workers.  He has qualified for a children’s study (I mentioned before http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2017/01/10/walking-at-the-park-w-josh-and-tania-011017/ )  to start in couple of weeks.  this study could possibly halt? the growth?  I’ll keep you posted as they tell me more info.

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