Let’s Talk About Browser Security 

OK, PAY attention a moment.  I may have lost my marbles but I’m still an IT geek at heart and some nasty Gmail browser phishing is going around.  It’s tricky enough to stump some pro IT guys so I’m prompted to try and explain it to ya’ll

it’s basically this:

You see an https:// BUT WAIT

it’s not, it’s a data URI and it takes you to a very authentic looking Google login page and you have just been hacked.  very quickly, they snag an old email, w/ an old image and email your entire contact list w/ a new subject line.  download all your old emails so that if you do manage to change your own pwd, doesn’t matter, they have your data…. probably access to “other” accounts as well.

So, IF, you have a Gmail acct, look for that LOCK SYMBOL and the GREEN SYMBOL.  if you don’t see those, stop what you are doing.  think about what launched that Gmail.

initiate 2-factor authentication… that’s where, it calls or texts your phone when you login.

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