NeuroPsych Testing 01/18/17

I think I have a brain… and it hurts.  I haven’t used that muscle in a while ;-P  This was an ALL DAY event!!

Remember that NEW neuro that referred me to all sorts of new “thangs?”

This was supposed to happen the end of Match and Jeff was gonna go, he woulda only been allowed to stay the first 60-90 min.  PT has been pestering them to get me in for speech/cognitive therapy.  Jeff left town yesterday and the girls started college again today, so of course, they called me… for today.

She’d say “I’m gonna tell you a story.  Now can you repeat it back?”  That’d be “no, we’ll, kinda, not really? dunno.”  I’m gonna say a list of words.  Can I remember that list of words? No.  Well, I could always remember the first and last.  Numbers… as long as there were three or less and NOT BACKWARDS!  

Can you READ this list of words (think junior high spelling test). Maybe about a third of them… [I should KNOW these, aced the SAT…]

and then I burst into tears… sorry

I think…  However, in my own purely professional opinion of course, I THINK, I did OK on the “draw this crazy architecture nightmare church of geometric shapes!!”  and while I was slow… I also think I did pretty good on the “Great Aunt Ruthie’s geometric block puzzles” but then she said “that was pretty good, were you cheating?” She was kidding of course, but I had to say yes.and then I burst into tears again because how could she know… so I had to quickly explain…. and now I’m in a mental hospital… thanks for that ya’ll!!!

OK, just kidding.  For you “non-Bacon’s”  My Grandmother’s sister Ruthie Eggermann, had this block/puzzle set made of wood.  Each 6 side block was carved with geometric shapes and it was an infinite game she played with ALL OF US.  She was MY FATHER’S aunt and HE talked of this game.  Having to assemble these blocks today, brought up LOTS of memories… and YES… I was cheating, because, I’d been training for THIS one, since I was a baby!

I do know MOST of my zoo animals bit frustratingly…. grrr… apparently not ALL?!? And… I now HATE those stupid flashcard books of random objects!  I just started guessing at what I was supposed to have already seen, statistically… I have to get some right…  She said “Best guess?”

If a lady reports a robbery w/  her kids at a police station “do they feel sorry for her?”  “Best guess?”  Gee… let me think, I don’t remember the story, but from this leading question… gee?

So, I dunno if she was in a hurry for me to finish or of that was a REAL and valid protocol ūüėČ

But overall, I sucked at this stuff and was so super slow I couldn’t finish, so I have to go back another time… TBD.

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