I Worked in the Yard

[pics incl]  Working in the yard may not seem like a newsworthy event, but it’s been OVER 4 years since I’ve done any yardwork.  April 8, 2013 I had brain surgery x2 over the next couple weeks.  I had stroke from brain bleeding & my left arm doesn’t work as well (but SO MUCH BETTER now!!)  Between that and some meds I was taking that prevented sunlight exposure… I haven’t been outside much… definitely NOT working in the yard!  [I also assuming BC (before clot) that it was winter and I hadn’t done yardwork in several months prior.



There’s no real proof I did any manual labor, but I “hand detached” about 1/3 the front yard!  I do have witnesses…  Jeff and Will were replacing the mailbox 😉

She doesn’t know it yet but we bought a solar powered little light for the top ;-P  [ http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2017/02/18/ode-to-the-mailbox/ ]

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