Venogram Scheduled 09/14/17

After my CTA ( I had a follow up w/ neuro who referred me to a different type of neuro surgeon.  If I understood it all, the thinking is that I have something similar to thoracic outlet syndrome but not exactly.  Since I’ve already done PT and that often made my neck/left shoulder worse, they are leaning towards something going on UNDER my clavical / ribs (ie, the similar to thoracic outlet syndrome).

I saw the other neuro vascular surgeon this week and have a venogram scheduled for 09/14/17.  They will inject a dye (so yes, I have to do the allergic protocol again), and manipulate my arm & neck while getting better images.

That’s all I know, will keep ya posted.  The words “you are clearly NOT going to be a textbook case” were said…. confirming yet again… “I’m weird!” 🙂

[NOTE UPDATE: Of course it took multiple sticks for the IV (for blood draw & meds push access)… Jeff & Ashley pointed out my patriotic colors 😉

But during the procedure, they had to have another IV in my left arm for the dye access…. I was “semi-concious… so semi drugged.  When I came to… I have 8 sticks on that arm (those are the ones i can see to count right now 😉 )  [update, I’m up to 10 holes & bruises on left arm alone… 2 on right] We tried to tell doc… I’m a hard stick, oh well have an ultrasound…. “yeah right” 🙂

They did a series of manipulating my arm/neck … and YES… there are “acclusions”  blockages that could be seen on the x-rays.  [since dr did this test, results were immediate)  

I now have a referral to another neuro surgeon in this group to do another “study” (i was drugged, don’t remember details) to test ??? conductivity??? don’t quote me on that…

SOOOO…. we are on a path that is getting us valuable info.  And after, can decide on options.

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