Home From Hospital

i came home from hospital yesterday.  i’m moving slowly but i’m encouraged by the fact that i have more range of motion than i had before surgery.  I may regret moving my arm around so much once this numbing agent wears off.

i kinda feel bad that i haven’t kept personally in touch w/ most of ya’ll.  i do appreciate all your thoughts & prayers & calls & notes

[NOTE UPDATE: as of 11/08/17, im definitely feeling the “yup i had surgery “ and i cannot do too much.  but on the flipside of that, i can do a bit more everyday & i’m starting to feel a little more human 😉

many of ya’ll have asked if i’m up for visitors… i think so.  give me/us a holler & make sure i’m up

[MORE NOTES: i won’t be hugging you.  i have stitches around the middle-left side of my neck, completely under my left arm (entire armpit area), halfway down the back of my left arm and my left side/back area.  i also look as if i’ve been mauled along both arms, hands, chest & stomach.  These are from the needle prick things the used to detect nerve status during surgery (glad i was unconscious).  they also blew 3-4 veins w/ iv’s, failed at drawing blood multiple attempts & i had to have shots in my stomach instead of xarelto.  i look like i lost a fight w/ a bull 🙂 ]

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