Stitches are NOT Infected 11/11/17

The stitches on my neck kinda look “funky” today, so Jeff insisted we go have them examined “better safe than sorry.” I have an incision a full 1/4 of my neck and it is “sealed” w/ dermabond (surgical glue) and then covered w/ a strip of tape. The tape is kinda like a translucent mesh. So… you can see it’s an incision, but not the details. Some of the incision kinda look like places have puffy white areas.

I had taken a shower [Side note: YAY! i can raise my arm up & wash my head!] The incision area IS allowed to get wet, so you can imagine my concern when the small little patches of lighter skin were now large, swollen w/ water, white puffy areas. And this annoying tape prevents a good examination by those of us that don’t have medical knowledge! grrr

Fortunately, “my” PA was on duty 😉 She assured us that this is actually new skin growth and she was encouraged by how quickly I appear to be healing. Yes, we are all perplexed ;-P

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