PT 11/13/17

First PT session went well, I think. I was able to do “almost” everything for the baseline. I dunno about ya’ll but I find that gratifying! There are still some movements I cannot do (& should not do) yet. I’m totally non-weight bearing for my left arm and cannot/should not do any “rotation ” type movements yet. And i cannot drive yet … cannot have a seatbelt over left shoulder.

As i’ve previously noted, I already can raise my arm up & keep it up w/ out my arm/hand going numb. yay!

Today was about meeting the PT doctor, setting some goals & getting some baseline settings.

I still need to take someone w/ me to anything I do because of the short-term memory loss & I don’t always understand what was said and/or I STILL give incorrect answers to questions. Previously, I took PT over near Jeff’s office but it’s “the opposite way” from just about everything we normally do. I was able to drive, so it wasn’t that big a deal for me to grab “whomever” and take them with me. This time… we really needed other options. Jeff found a PT right near our house! We scheduled appointments early mornings which makes it convenient for the rest of the family to coordinate. And if I have “she who still does not have her license” attending w/ me…, we can walk. I probably couldn’t walk the distance (<1mi) right now though. It’ll be a bit before I have strength back. For the short-term, I need to do more healing (which always takes me forever to do… but doc Saturday was encouraged cuz I “am” healing?!) I do get exhausted & have to randomly nap, but i feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel:-)

Next PT is Friday and I also have a follow up w/ the TOS surgeon later Friday. Will keep ya posted!

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