Father’s Day 06/16/2019

[pics incl] Ashley made Jeff biscuits and was about to start on sausage gravy when Heather and Daff arrived. Heather assisted with eggs and gravy.

When Heather was little, she used to make “coupons” that were good for various items… ie free babysitting. She eventually learned to put expiration dates on them HAHAHAHA. She scribbled one out and Daff jumped on board and signed it too. Boy is he about to learn his lesson hahaha

Jeff didn’t waste any time cashing that one in! and he also played the… it’s Father’s Day “help me do this too” card a couple times

Later, Ashley said she wanted to learn how to cook something from me… so she can say “I learned that from my mom” that started a funny txt thread w/ my sister Stacy.

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