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Poking Holes and Letting Air Out

Please set your coffee down as this will make you laugh so hard you will spill it! This morning, I looked at my face in the mirror and realized I had little teeny dots lining my hairline. I channeled my … Continue reading

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A Little Humor

[pics incl] Jeff txtd me a comic this afternoon and I couldn’t resist staring a group chat with my parents & sisters… earlier today, I was at the store (in TX) and found “space flavored” Coke on display? A few … Continue reading

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How to NOT Cook 6 Things

pics incl] Well, you longtime readers should be laughing. Who remembers when Courtney demoted me from 7 to 6? [ http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2012/03/10/how-not-to-cook-7-things/] Thats a TRUE story. It’s a well told story and as it was recently Thanksgiving, it had to be … Continue reading

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Father’s Day 06/16/2019

[pics incl] Ashley made Jeff biscuits and was about to start on sausage gravy when Heather and Daff arrived. Heather assisted with eggs and gravy. When Heather was little, she used to make “coupons” that were good for various items… … Continue reading

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Save the Date:  Bacon 50th Anniversary 11/25/2017

Watch for info on a get-together for Alan & Patsy Bacon’s 50th anniversary on Saturday, Nov 25, 2017.  We (Stacy/Tommy, Andrea/Mark & Jeff/I, plan to have an informal gathering at a location near League City, TX on that Saturday following … Continue reading

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