Another Dr Seuss Moment

I made a bunch of boiled eggs. Around here, I label things “Eat Me” or “Drink Me”… and only one person ever got it w/out explanation. So the following txt thread was baptism by fire for Daff.

I made green eggs and ham once (I can’t remember if it was for April Fool’s or Theodore Giesel bday… probably April Fool’s). Courtney called Grandma Linda to tell on me… somewhere I have a photo of her talking on the phone, crying w/ a plate in front of her (pretty sure it’s on the old website, dunno if I can hunt it down this week or not). “But Grandma she’s making me eat them and they are green!”

So Daff got a crash course in all the little sticky notes that say “Eat Me” in the fridge…. and my next batch of eggs will be green HAHAHAHA

the first real Dr Seuss moment :

and one that’ll make you smile:

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