Overheard: Defining the Circle of Life

I said this in the last post… but THIS “…is the rest of the story…” 😉 We were sitting around discussing action figures. It’s an important topic….

I was teasing the kids that they used to pool all their money to buy Polly Pockets and now they’ve graduated to Sir Francis Bacon and 3D printer filaments!

When I was little, I actually never really had any, liked, nor played with, Barbie BUUUUT… I was “about 10” when Star Wars came out and I went into my standard spiel (you gotta hear it in person😂).

…but ALL our kids (and some neighbors too) used to play SOOOO well with Polly Pockets….

This had Jeff and me helping them compare their “action figure play.”


….<snip into conversation that’s been going on for quite a while, all the kids are on the floor emphatically sketching imaginary storylines into the carpet with their fingers, Jeff has given up and is paying attention… but really watching something on his phone😉…. I really wish I had taken pictures while I was just mostly listening and laughing>….

Courtney and Ashley are now explaining how detailed their “play” became: This prompted stories of how they refused to spend money on the STUPID clothes. [pause here for a 10-15 min tirade on just how STUPID the clothes were] [Hence, my comment above re: books & 3D filament]. As a result, they had to be creative with their characters.

Ashley: William you had that one because the Polly Pocket primary antagonist was Bobo Fett.

Out of the blue and without looking up (you know, just imagine your dad reading the paper or watching football while you tell him about the bear eating his car 🤣), Jeff chimes in: …. HEY… I used to played w/ Bobo Fett when I was a kid!…

Courtney: “Full Circle.”

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