Answers to Some of Your Questions

I’ve jad some of ya’ll call/txt/email so I figured if more than one of you is asking…. I’ll just assume more of you might be curious…. 😂!

1) Yes, you need a password to login to make a comment. (but not to just read) You can just select the “forgot password” from the login screen and it’ll help you. It might take a little time, if you don’t see anything in an hour… CHECK OUT SPAM FOLDER and/or try again. AND YES, I do have the lockout set pretty short… like 2-3 wrong attempts. You’ll have to email me if you get locked out more than a day. I DO get your e-mails when you reply to the weekly blog.

2) Yes, I can txt you photos but you have to txt me first 😉 & tell me who you are) cuz I lost a bunch of contacts.

3) NO, the post title I made is NOT just “a bluebird”. That also might be what kind of bird it is in the picture HAHAHA but that doesn’t completely answer the reference “what’s the bluebird of happiness” in the title. I guess I was kinda vague thought cuz I was looking more for where the reference comes from?

4) I have no idea how to do “a degree symbol” on my iphone… that’s why I put * SOOOO, when I say it’s 32* that’s 32 degrees in “TAZ speak”

5) The blanket Ashley “drew” is like a large throw… cover most of a twin? I’ll take a better photo [and no, she didn’t sign it…. grrrr 😉] Yes, she still makes awesome art but has asked that I do not post online.

…And on a personal note… I still struggle w/ spelling so please bear w/ me on typos and … maybe I didn’t think the correct word and the sentence is a little wonky 😉 Holler ifI every completely lose ya!

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