Scotts News Turns 25

Wow, the Scott’s “News of the Week” aka Scott’s on the Rocks Blog has been running for 25 years! It actually started as email when only a few people had consumer email, most people who HAD email, only had it at a large work that was .gov, .edu

I was pregnant with Ashley and had a few family members and a couple of friends, scattered around the globe, that worked for .gov or universities. I had ALWAYS been good about keeping touch via snail-mail. Having email allowed us to have a little more “instant gratification” in our communications. Fortunately for me, my aunts/uncles/cousins that had email were located in areas around other family whom did not have email. They all shared questions/comments/news/pics

We moved to CO when Ashley was a newborn and at the same time consumer email became available to more people. My list of communication grew.

Didn’t take long when I decided we needed or own domain… boulder became rocks and VIOLA! Scotts On The Rocks

I used to MANUALLY update my website with “news of the week” and accompanying photos… then I scripted it… then we moved it to Wordoress in 2009-2010 (not positive) and called it BLOG. [The old website is still around but not accessible to public].

Many of you have been on the newslist from the very beginning… or shortly thereafter, some of you are newcomers. I appreciate all of you and your e-mails & posts!

Thanks for hanging out!

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