Toes in the Sand

[pics incl] 01/15/22 For Ashley’s & Heather’s birthdays this year… we left. REALLY LEFT. You’ll have to bear with me for posting slowly, as I haven’t had service in a while 😉 I’m just gonna start at the beginning

Jeff managed to get me out of the country for 😉 two weeks. We MADE all 3 kids take us to the airport at 3am on the 14th so we could “sing Ashley Happy Bday” on the way… she was thrilled (ha!). We made it to Tortola, BVI the 15th after staying a night in St. Thomas

This is one of my favorite photos! We took it at the resort we stayed. There’s more of course!

I’m still recovering from travel (& laundry) but I thought I’d make sure to get one post in before it auto-sends.

Stay tuned as I will try to let you see what we enjoyed!

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