The Desert Island 01/26/22

[pics incl] We stayed in the cove that we had eaten dinner ashore and anchored overnight.

We went nearby to a small island and took the dingy ashore for photos. I do have video of almost everything I’m posting still photos but the videos take up a lot of bandwidth. It’s taking me a while to go thru and add dates and take screenshots/still off the videos. In some cases, i have to watch the video a couple times myself to figure out what I was doing😉 I know I was wiped out most days after snorkeling but I’m thinking I should have tried to at least date the pics and quick captions. Lessons learned. I was also learning how to use my iphone under water at the same time… took me a couple of days to figure it out. Everyone says I need a GoPro….

The saying in the BVI is “you can’t drink all day, if you don’t start in the morning.” I did NOT!

While we were in this area… Ashley txt’d

No words were needed for either of us 😂

saw this shell while snorkeling.

then turned around into this school of fish.

Jeff swam past this fish. i’m calling it a “rock fish” but they told me a different name that I promptly forgot.

This is actually the second one I saw. THIS… is what made me realize the first day of snorkeling, that Jeff couldn’t see everything underwater that I could see because he cannot wear his glasses with the snorkel. I decided to try taking my phone with me but I’m a beginner at snorkeling and at underwater photography. I tried keeping my video’s about 30 seconds so they wouldn’t be massive. Sometimes waves would drag me away from my intended subject matter! We are discussing going to Antigua in late April. Hopefully before we go again, Jeff can order prescription goggles and maybe I can get ya’ll’s advice on whether to get GoPro 😉 or if there is something else I should consider??? Bring on the suggestions!

This afternoon we plan to go over to a place called The bubbly pool.


[stay tuned! I’m still working on photos. Our trip lasted thru 01/30/22 and as of this post I’m halfway thru 01/26/22]

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