Would You Like Anchovies w/ That

[pics incl] Last week, Jeff fixed Caesar salad with dinner. He, Scotty & Jacque ganged up and ate anchovies (YES… as you are supposed to). Alright, not exactly… we were at the store and his standard “you know it’s not a TRUE Caesar salad without anchovy” conversation was occurring… fine…”go see if they have a can.” “but where?” …. “why would I know? go try by the tuna?”

Flash forward to today at lunch. We met my parents and Andrea, Hayley & a friend at an Italian place in Friendswood. Jeff ordered a pizza. Without skipping a beat, Andrea looks at him and questions “aren’t you going to get anchovies?” [she didn’t know about last week… she just KNOWS Jeff]. A whole “see SHE lets me get anchovies” moment was happening and without skipping a beat, she hollered “Of course I love you best… I ZERBERT THEE!” (only she didn’t REALLY zerbert him.)

I missed the candid and made them pose. Not to miss an opportunity, she REALLY zerbert him!

(I guess I don’t get credit for last week cuz eating anchovies wasn’t MY idea… I just knew where to look 😂🤷‍♀️)

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