Snugglin’ with Manon

[pics incl]. Tonight’s calendar was one of the standing game nights, so my parents & I had dinner with Manon Poole, then we went back to her house to visit. This was my first time seeing her since Ed passed in Aug 2021. He sure was missed and we celebrated remembering great times tonight. [NOTE: My parents and our family, came barreling into the Poole’s life about 40 years ago, when my dad started coaching soccer with Ed. However, some of ya’ll have actually known them longer!]

We ordered extra food to go and Jeff joined us a little later. We laughed as she stunned him by turning the tables and reciting stories of HIM and HIS friends! Ya’ll are in sooo much trouble😂😂

It’s not everyday that someone is just as cold as I am. It’s78 but she promptly turned on the fireplace 😉. After a while, mom and Jeff melted, she relented and turned off the fireplace, turned on AC & got us a blankie! (I had already put on a jacket!)

We had a wonderful time with our dear friend. [NOTE: Jeff and I were married at the Country Kingdom, then owned by the Poole’s.] She also remembers a lot of YA’LL! If you lived in Newport in early 70’s, regardless of your age,… your names were probably discussed.

… so if you know her…. holler! Odds are that you’re ears are burning and if not, we need to fix that!

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