Updating Neighborhood Email List 2022

Dear Neighbors, I’m updating the neighborhood email list… please check your e-mail and respond 😁 (check junk folder). If you don’t see it, shoot me an email or txt (or reply to this) THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

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Dinner Grades

[pics incl] 05/03/22

When Jeff & I returned from Antigua, e discovered that the kids had created a “grading system” for the meals they had cooked. In true, Scott Family Whiteboard fashion

Of course, it was quickly modified:

It has evolved from there:

But then Danny came over for dinner and game night and HE was encouraged to grade his meal. As a result, more detailed grading scale was born.

So far the final grading scale is THIS as of 05/09/22

Since this setup, YES, we have had some great meals… and one fail. But I think I still hold the record for the worst fall… and it wasn’t even my fault! 😉

[NOTE: couple of you have asked me to write this out in text…. so starting at the top working down:

1) I don’t like it… I LOVE it, 2) Don’t listen to her, it’s great, 3) good, 4) not bad, 5) fine, 6) really just fine, 7) it’s alright, 8) just ok, 9) not that bad, 10) zataran’s = consistently unfortunately edible, 11) not that good, 12) yucky, 13) pizza = dinner failed, 14) my mother taught me

Yes, these are abbreviated versions of entire conversations. You kinda gotta hear “the long versions” in person😉 but got the most part, just imagine “fork in hand, after a couple bites, nodding head and saying…… one of the above”

1) “I don’t like it… I Love it!” this dates all the way back to 2nd grade Ashley

6) “really just fine” comes from a previous txt conversation regarding meals

10) refers do a Zataran’s frozen pasta meal from Sam’s. If you’ve never had it then think those party size Stouffer’s lasagna or enchiladas you just throw in the oven for couple of hours.

13) pizza. means we ordered pizza (or other food ) because dinner failed. For example, In the past, power went out on the crock pot , the grill ran out of propane, the potatoes…. This doesn’t necessarily mean we told the person cooking that it was awful. It just means dinner failed

14) “My mother taught me…” … if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all 😂😂 THIS also usually means… we are ordering food

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In Antigua 04/23/22

[pics incl] I took some photos looking back towards the restaurant we ate for lunch, and through the harbor.

We stopped for the evening and watched the sunset.

We turned on the blue light and attracted several very large tarpin!

The photo didn’t do it justice. The tarpin are several feet long and at a glance could easily be mistaken for sharks😉

Stay tuned for more posts & photos! enjoy

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It’s Antigua, Guh, not Gwa

[pics incl] We were quickly corrected that is NOT An-tee-gwa… it’s An-ti-GA, so a as a PSA… I’m letting you know 😂

We taxi to the harbor and I thought some of the buildings were unique.

We don’t know what Rocket is… neither does our server 😉

I found a little buddy under my side of the table. 😉

We met up with our group for the boat. This time I remembered to take pictures of the interior & cabin.

We spent the early evening unpacking so they could take our suitcases. Then we spent some getting to know our boatmates while moving just stone the cove for the evening.

Stay tuned for more posts & pics. ENJOY!

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Flying to Newark 04/22/22

[pics incl] The are no direct flights on United from Denver to Antigua, so we have to fly to Newark the night beforehand. Jeff had gone on a trip last week and mentioned to Ashley that there was no place to set his ipad on the seat in front so he could watch a movie.

She printed up something to hook on the magazine rack. She asked him to give her feedback so she can improve it.

We won’t discuss how miserable I was on the entire flight…. sigh. We made it to the hotel, I snapped a couple pictures and crashed.

I was feeling better Saturday morning for our flight from Newark to Antigua.

We got to watch the moon for a minute.

It was super cloudy the entire flight.

Scott <20 minutes left in the flight they came around and said we had to fill out customs forms… in pen. Who had pens on vacation?! Everyone scrambled to share. The flight told us we all only needed one form per family… they were wrong. Most everyone in our flight has to step out of line and fill out more forms… and they didn’t have pens there either. I said… “well we are still on vacation…”

YAY! We landed in Antigua!

Stay tuned for more posts & pics!

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Rubic’s Cube Robot

[pics incl] Overheard: William said, “I think I just won life!”

He said his boss walked in, handed him a rubic’s cube, told him to “play with legos and build a robot to solve the rubic’s cube.”

I asked him if I’m allowed to share that with other’s and he laughed and said absolutely!

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Your Students CAN Connect on Linkedin (and FB)

Last week, someone called me to ask if their soon-to-be-graduate could connect with me on Linkedin. For the life of me I cannot remember who called and it’s not in my call log. Regardless, of course I said yes and gave out my info. I’m not very active online, especially on FB where I can get lost in the “this isn’t what I was looking for” whirlwind. But I do randomly get on FB. However, I’m a pretty good regular lurker on LI 😉 Feel free to hunt me down, ya’ll should know my tag! If not, reply to this and I’ll refresh your memory. It’s the least I can do to connect your students (or you) with people you might have something in common!

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Brain Talk 04/19/22

Some of you have asked for brain updates & it seems fitting to discuss now as the 9th anniversary of my second brain surgery. [04/08/13 & 04/19/13]

I tried to find my last post but I suspect it’s one that accidentally deleted (if I find my original note, I’ll repost). I can’t remember what the last thing I’ve posted about brain stuff so here’s a recap: My neuro-surgeon (not brain surgery but the TOS 10/31/17) helped us find a pain management neurologist. That actually took about a year of going to see someone, only to have them say they couldn’t (or weren’t qualified to) take my case.

New neurologist took over all my meds (except thyroid). Took me off several and had me start taking Emgality. It’s actually a migraine medication. It’s 3 injections given at the same time, once a month. That’s been fun! NOT! Kudos to Jeff though for taking on the task of stabbing me in the arms 😉 I still don’t really have much feeling in my left arm so that helps.

I’ve been taking Emgality for about a year. It’s been so much better.

In January, he thought we should try to get off ALL my other meds (again, not thyroid)… one at a time though.

THE PLAN WAS: 1) leave brain pressure meds alone for now BUT 1a) schedule an MRI/A to see how the arteries are doing. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never had one of those and the last MRI/V showed the clot remains on the left side, completely blocking my jugular vein. [You can go to the main page of my blog to see pics of the clot]. and 1b) schedule a ? spinal tap type procedure to check what my brain pressure is before adjusting or discontinuing brain pressure meds. and 2) stop taking the pain/nerve meds I was taking 3 of. and 3) NO SCUBA until we get the results of all this figured out.

Last month, doctor appointment I told him that it took about 4-6 weeks to wear off… and I stopped sleeping very well so he decided to go back to ONE of those nerve/pain meds, and that has helped.

I had the MRI/A which… yeah, means they had to try and stick me for an IV for the contrast. Took a little bit but she actually managed to get it on the second attempt. I’m glad I already don’t really remember that the whole MRI was awful & I was in tears the entire time. The results have been posted in my portal but I don’t talk to the doctor for a couple more weeks to get the official results. [NOTE: I can read & see enough that my jugular is still totally blocked. The rest is kinda different info & images, so once I get it explained to me, if I can figure out the imaging… I’ll post some pics. I have them, I just don’t know what I’m looking at 😉]

Except THIS one… I may make this my callerID photo 🤣🤣🤣

I’m not sure when we are doing the spinal tap thingy… I’m not looking forward to that. Although, supposedly a side effect of it is… it could relieve pressure & possibly end headaches (undetermined amount of time).

He also glossed over maybe trying botox injections in my head……. YIKES! I know nothing about that so if you have any input, holler.

Overall, I’ve been doing well. [I will always have the short memory loss & confusion AND probably confused numbers, colors & dates] Every once in a while my head pain still gets me & I’m still hypersensitive to sound. BUT… I mean hey… I got on a plane & left the country… to me that’s huge! However, new pain neuro is striving for ZERO pain.

Wish him luck! 😉 I’ll keep ya posted.

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Happy Easter 2022

[pics incl] The kids set up the table out on the back deck. It’s ~60+ but the wind is blowing & a bit nippy. We took a couple pictures but then (some of us) had to go get warmer clothes!

Emily was true to her word and made more piroshki… some with cinnamon and some with pulled pork. Perfect addition to our meal.

They colored eggs earlier and I asked if anyone took photos but they laughed and said they forgot but they were perfect willing to “re-stage the event.” Claudia wasn’t even here when they “originally” dyed eggs but we decided ya’ll have been around long enough to get that we have fun re-staging “candids.” But Emily to the rescue, she did snap a few pics of the original scene!

They are totally faking 😂 There is no dye! They did get out crayons though😂 These are REAL eggs, not boiled… so whatever you do… don’t drop the eggs!

Then we got out the ones they colored… and Emily promptly dropped one! 😂

Ashley printed a phone case that’s a design from her henna art… and decorated her egg to match.

Emily’s mom sent over a box of very yummy Russian chocolates! THANK YOU!

I hope all of you have a wonderful day too!

Jeff and I will be headed to Newark on Friday before heading to Antigua 😁

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Homemade meals 04/07-13/22

[pics incl] William made Vegan Pesto Lasagna. [NOTE: I wasn’t here for several days so I don’t have photos]

He’s made this before and it was a hit so he decided to work on perfecting his recipe.

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Vail 04/08-10/22

[pics incl] We finished up our stay in Vail enjoying the weather & the Adaptive Spirit conference. I don’t have any photos with any of the athletes but we did meet a couple in passing. One was in the elevator with me and I asked what floor to push…”oh I don’t care…😉” Alrighty then, I’m gonna push all the buttons and we can ride up and down together 😁 Later, we rode the bus into the village with his group.

Everyone at this conference has been so fun and inviting. We also met one of the founders of No Excuses Unlimited [http://www.noexcusesunlimited.org] I actually talked to him a few times over the weekend. However, it was so loud, I’m not sure I remember his name (maybe Rick?) but he was a real down to earth guy.

While we were invited too late for Jeff to join many of the events (and I couldn’t attend any… found out later I might have been able to if there were cancellations but I didn’t know to get my name on a list. Lesson learned ALWAYS ASK!), we still had a blast and I would definitely like to come back!

We also took some walks and/or rode the shuttle to/from the villages (Vail & Lionshead).

For lunch one day I grabbed a wrap from the hotel cafe (it was fabulous) and I knew Ashley would have loved it… but… she’s allergic to almost all of it. The next day Jeff and I ate at El Segundo Mexican Restaurant in Vail Village.

Several of the employees were wearing this t-shirt which made me laugh! Then we decided to walk back to the hotel. A Taste of Vail was still going on and we stopped to listen to the dueling pianos for a bit.

…and the ice rink in Vail Village is still open at night.

We laughed… a lot when I found bears… to go with my t-shirt photo of course!

… and the library

We stopped in Lionshead to get warm drinks because the sunny weather is deceiving… it’s high winds and that wind has a bite! The cafe sold bon bons so we each got one and split it… YUMMY! It was tough to resist getting a giant bagful! While there, we were serenaded by a little 1yo who sang us Frozen… she’s Courtney’s doppelgänger (25 y apart)!

I saw a huge (like 5+’ tall) dinosaur leg fossil for sale… or not, it sold… too bad Ashley cuz I totally would’ve bought that for you (w/ spare cash of course)! 🤣🤣

Before check-out Sunday we went down to breakfast. I ordered a smothered breakfast burrito… only “I don’t do soggy food” so I asked for the green chile on the side. Clearly this was not a problem 😉

On the drive home we stopped at the scenic area near Silverthorne. I had made a comment on the way up, that we never stop at these places to enjoy the incredible views… we just drive thru.

It was still incredibly windy (and that wind was COLD) so you get the 20 second version!

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At Adaptive Spirit 04/07/22

[pics incl] Adaptive Spirit [https://www.adaptivespirit.com] is an event where most of the cable (ie. cable TV) industry gets together to fundraise for and celebrate Team USA paralympics athletes. [NOTE: you might know it under another name as historically this conference has been known as SkiTAM or before that CTam] Many of the athletes are here now or will be here this weekend.

Since Jeff is a last minute sub, he hasn’t been pre-registered for many of the panels & events so it’ll be a “we’ll see” event for him. I debated buying a guest pass but I am unable to join him on some of these events regardless… so If probably just get lost cuz I don’t know my way around😂

This afternoon we decided to take a walk along the trail into Lionshead Village a little over a mile away (Vail Village is another half mile past. Most of the trail was clear… there’s pros & cons to this. When you are just on a walk, it’s great.

When you are trying to return on skis back to your hotels… not so much. They’d built up snow along one side of the path but it’s melting off in a hurry. Skiers suddenly found themselves having to carry skis and walk in ski boots. [Side note: The boys are on electric “wheelie board thingys” The kiddo in orange appeared to be an instructor for the other one.]

On the other side of this bridge it is more shaded and suddenly more snowy! We bailed on the trail and walked up the path to the frontage road sidewalk into the village.

Literally RIGHT HERE… go straight on snowy trail towards the village or take nice sidewalk over a bridge to the frontage sidewalk.

That sign says snowmobile cruising but a few are parked in “the grass” in that fenced area.

That circle area is supposed to be an ice rink but they are about to convert it to a grass arena for summer sport fun.

For dinner, we are w/ one of Jeff’s coworkers at Mountain Standard in Vail Village. It was spectacular! someone recommended it as their favorite restaurant and it was obvious. A Taste of Vail is also going on right now so reservations were impossible to get. They had put us on a waiting list and we got lucky that someone canceled.

We all shared a warm pimento cheese appetizer and for dessert we all shared an apple with huckleberry hand pie. I had trout for dinner and they both had the pork shank. Mine was great but I also have to say the pork shank was fabulous.

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Grand Hyatt Vail 04/06/22

[pics incl] Jeff was asked to attend The Adaptive Spirit Conference in Vail this weekend. This is a giant fundraiser for the Paralympics. This was a last minute request to substitute for someone who couldn’t attend. We left all the kids (adults) home and bailed 😂

Unfortunately it’s been unbelievably hot & dry this week (high wind & fire weather warnings) and the snow pack has suffered.

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Ashley Makes Seasonal Keurig Trays

[pics incl] Several months ago (I guess around October 😉), Ashley started 3D printing seasonal Keurig trays. Not all the designs are hers, she found some “blueprints” already available.

She also has a resin printer and has found a niche of people wanting customized DND mini-characters. She recently made a dice “cage” for one of Courtney’s.

Is been neat watching some of the designs she creates!

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Homemade Meals 03/31/22-04/06/22

[pics incl] Some great meals this week!

Claudia made salmon, creamy rice & corn and sautéed squash/zucchini [Unfortunately for me, I’ve been reacting to salmon… sigh… so she made me tilapia]

Courtney made balsamic chicken with spinach (she’s made this a few times and we all enjoy it) and cherry pie

William and Emily made piroshkis. These are a Russian sweet bread with butter and sugar inside. She promised to make some with sweet pork and some with cinnamon & sugar next time 😁

I jokingly told Emily that she could go erase my name on the meals list and add hers. Problem is that she actually was excited. YAY!?!??

Ashley made meat pies, she wasn’t pleased with the outcome though so I doubt she will make it again.

it’s been interesting to see what everyone enjoys attempting to cook… especially if they attempt it more than once. I’d be willing to have this again. She claims her next meal will be re-making [insert long German word here] 😉

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