PT 01/10/17

She was mean to me 😉  previous PT:  Actually, I took some notes cuz “we” are trying to figure out what is muscular, nerve or veins/clot.  Some of this stuff I know causes pain and/or dizziness but it’s not something i can do on my own because, well, the whole fainting thing is a problem when you are home alone and taking anticoagulants.

She used the words dry-socket again, which I guess is a thing 45+yo get in their shoulders.   “We” don’t think I have that cuz I CAN put my arm up, it just causes pain and fainting.  No pain, no gain 😉  I was lying down, we were smart, I’d already tried the “rolling the pool noodle thing” up the wall, and hence I knew today was a fainting day.

She’s also poking around on me to see about dry needing and said we should start “here” shoulderbladeish area… PT student watched.  They are gonna pull up my MRI to see if there is any clotting in that area

She’s trying to coordinate w/ neuro for “speech therapy” cuz I guess I keep using the wrong words… sigh.

On a side note, she was proud of me, I went to PT all by myself 😉  She did ask about my “pre-med daughter”  I don’t think she believed Courtney was older & Pokemon didn’t help her cause.  I said I was gonna start bringing Josh, “good, someone who can appreciate what we do…” so there ya go, I “think” Courtney has been banished….

about 5 min after PT my head & arm are really hurting… plan to figure out some heating pads or ice packs when I get home.

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