Celebration of Life of Wilbur Schroth 06/29/22

Our dear neighbor Wilbur Schroth passed away 06/22/22 and heaven has gained an angel.

Our family has so many great memories that include all the Schroth’s (and all their extended family too!). The landscape of our neighborhood won’t be the same without him. Linda & Wiily have always been kinda grandparents to our family… teasing us, scolding us 😉 but always teaching. Whenever we walked the neighborhood, if Willy was working on something, he’d call whomever of us over and say “look at this, you should know about….” Regardless whether it was carburetors, refilling ammo, building his gorgeous boxes, replacing camper parts…, he’d make sure the girls knew this stuff too. if William was one of our group, he’d ask him if he had that boy scout patch yet and was proud of his boy scout shooting skills.

Only once did I ever get to” scold him back ” … ALTHOUGH, it occurs to me that he may not have shared this (haha) Years ago, he fell off a ladder and Burleigh and I happened by right then, on our walk around the block. Boy did I let him have it… and by extension because he was standing there… Burleigh too! (if you’ve ever heard my “you’re too old to be on a ladder” lecture….) He told me he was too old to be waiting around for a “spotter” and told us the only thing that really concerned him was that maybe if he couldn’t get up, etc… that it’d be coyotes that got him and mess up his boots. Without thinking, I quipped back (like I care of course), that I’d make sure it wasn’t coyotes… but fireants instead. He laughed SOOO hard, hugged my shoulders and said he loved my wicked redneck streak.

We will miss him.

I was browsing through looking for photos and found some of my favorites: Beverly Hillbillies 04/11/15 and Beverly Hills Annual HOA Party 2015 and Beverly Hillbillies’ Birthday Bash and Our HOA Party 07/16/2011 and Celebrating Birthdays


Willy’s celebration of life will be June 29 at 11:00 am, at Horan & Mcconaty

5303 E County Line Rd, Littleton, CO 80122

Reception with lunch will follow in the same building

PS. We will have a former hillbilly hanging out at our place

[NOTE UPDATED 06/29/22

Today, so many great stories were shared about Willy. Jeff has a story and before sharing, was going to ask if Willy knew how to swim. However while Tami was speaking about her dad, she confirmed that he did NOT know how to swim.

Jeff’s story (paraphrased a bit by me): When we first really got to know Willy, a huge group from our neighborhood was camping at a lake. We DID know Rod (… note from TAZ and as difficult as this might be to imagine… you can’t believe a word Rod says! I believe the word today used to describe Willy & Rod was BS! HAHA!) While down at the lake, Willy convinced Ashley to hop on a jetski with him and they took off across the lake. Rod leans over to Jeff and says “Ya know… he doesn’t know how to swim.” Jeff replied “well that’s ok, neither does Ashley.” Until today, Jeff has never been convinced that Rod wasn’t pulling his leg.

[ANOTHER NOTE UPDATE: I was looking for a different photo, for a different neighbor that I spoke to at the funeral and OH MY GOSH… I found the original story told above: Old men should NOT climb ladders!]

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