Neuro 02/15/17

Yes, another neuro, this is the neuro from that everyone just LOVED.  She’s the one that referred me all over the place… the right places.  After speaking with her today, she agreed that she did indeed refer me to all the right places, the Vascular Neuro is my hero, the PT was a good idea, and everyone, including vascular neuro thinks I need to keep going there, i get the results of the neuro-psych next week.

soooo, this neuro doc…. was like… I think you “graduated” from my class, you don’t really need to keep seeing me anymore, UNLESS, someone feels like you should.  she printed out all my notes from me sessions and released me.

the neuro-vascular doc will become my primary care neurologist []

actually, she answered a lot of our questions (Jeff’s) She is AWESOME.  She KNOWS her stuff and if she doesn’t… she definitely KNOWS where to send you.  If you ever need a referral, lemme know!  I’d recommend this entire office (I was actually recommended to someone else in this office AND I love the staff! and you KNOW… I’m picky about staff!)

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